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Fertility Miracles has been creating families for more than 13 years. We’re internationally recognized for assisting traditional, same sex, and LGBTQ couples, as well as single individuals, create the families they long for, and will cherish. Although everyone begins this journey from a different place, Fertility Miracles is dedicated to ensuring the path toward parenthood is no longer stressful and frustrating, but is instead filled with joy and excitement for the future. We will be there with you every step of the way. Our team brings focus and clarity to the often-daunting steps of selecting an egg donor or surrogate mother. If you need, we can also use our experience and knowledge to help you select the best IVF doctors for you. From the very start of your journey, we will assist you with the legal process and financial planning.

If you are beginning your journey outside the United States, Fertility Miracles offers a personal travel concierge to arrange air travel, ground transportation, and hotel accommodations.

To begin, contact our office directly and schedule a no-charge consultation, where we can meet via Skype. We will be there to shoulder some of the burden on this incredible journey and remind you that miracles do happen.


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Many young women decide to apply to the Fertility Miracles Egg Donor Program for different reasons. Yet all share compassion and caring for other human beings. It is this generosity of spirit that allows for the creation of families that have only been a dream for many.

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By becoming a gestational or traditional surrogate, you will have the opportunity to give the joy of family. Fertility Miracles works closely with individuals during the surrogacy journey and our surrogates understand that love of family is a true gift.

If you’ve arrived here, chances are you want to start a family or are looking to grow your family. Chances are also good that your journey has had some peaks and valleys, tears, and moments of joy. Please let us take your hand, and we’ll complete this journey together.
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