Frozen Miracles

Fertility Miracles has launched its Frozen Miracles program, offering Intended Parent(s) an additional option: employing frozen eggs for a cycle. There are several advantages to using frozen donor eggs, including affordable financial plans.

Since its inception, Fertility Miracles has assisted more than 14,000 potential Intended Parent(s) in over 35 countries to begin their families. Our frozen donor egg program adheres to the same rigorous screening and review process we follow when working with egg donors for fresh cycles.

Additional advantages of the Frozen Miracles program include:

  • No Need to Pair Menstrual Cycles: The need to pair the respective cycles of the donor and the Intended Parent(s) is removed from the equation. Furthermore, because we’ve already screened the donor and their eggs have been successfully retrieved and frozen, you can start a cycle almost immediately.
  • Science Advancements: Our affiliation with reproductive physicians ensures the eggs are frozen with state-of-the-art embryo-vitrification technology that immediately freezes the eggs of the donor. A key point to remember is that both frozen and fresh eggs provide successful options to start a family.
  • Pre-Screening Already Completed: The pre-screening process of the egg donors means that the best donors with outstanding qualifications are selected.
  • Financial Reduction: Because utilizing frozen eggs is a simplified process overall, without potential travel and menstrual synchronization, it’s less expensive than a fresh cycle.

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