Fertility Miracles recognizes the challenges that many face around the world to become parents. These challenges go beyond the initial process and include legal, logistics, financial, and travel issues. Our team understands this additional layer and the extra stress and anxiety it causes if you are outside of North America where surrogacy laws are more restrictive. Fertility Miracles wants to help the pathway to parenthood to be easier and more joyful no matter where you call home. We are an internationally recognized organization and a distinguished leader in the field of third-party reproduction and reproductive concierge services catering to prospective parents around the world.

Providing services to heterosexual and LGBTQ couples, individuals, and single men and women, Fertility Miracles guides prospective parents throughout the selection process of an egg donor, and/or a surrogate mother, as well as the best IVF facility with state-of-the-art treatment options such as PGD testing, gender selection, and ICSI, while offering support with the legal process and financial commitments.

Whether in need of an egg donor and/or surrogate mother, Fertility Miracles lends concierge services including air travel, ground transportation, hotel accommodations, and a personal-travel concierge representative to assist those who seek to fulfill their dreams of having a family. Our goal is simply to offer our expertise and support to ensure the journey towards parenthood is filled with happiness and joy.

International Travel Concierge for Future Parents

Traveling overseas can often be overwhelming even under easy circumstances. Once you factor in the additional elements of births, new babies, passports, and coordination, it can become a significant roadblock on what should be a wonderful experience and adventure. Fertility Miracles created our concierge program to create a worry-free experience.

Concierge Services

Fertility Miracles provides a high level of services tailored to individual needs. We offer a wide range of customized services to ensure your trip is unique to you and personalized to maximize the entire experience. Our services include:

Air and Hotel Reservations

  • Partnerships with the world’s best hotels and airlines
  • Discount programs which result in reduced rates at more than 30,000 properties
  • Short-term rental properties
  • Exclusive negotiations continuously pursued based on our client’s travel trends.

Private Ground Transportation

  • Chauffeured limousine or car service available hourly, half-day, daily and weekly

Travel Coordination

  • For friends and family traveling together, we will coordinate arrivals, departures, accommodations for the entire group, and travel.
  • Passport and Visa Assistance
  • Emergency Services Information
  • Reservations and event ticketing
  • Rental car arrangements, including specialty luxury cars
  • Personal Assistant Services including a personal shopper, security, messenger and courier services, and any type of errands you require.
  • Beauty and well-being, including a personal trainer, nutritionist, yoga, spa, and more

If you need a service that is not shown here, please just ask your personal coordinator. Our services are only limited by your imagination.

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