Parenthood Through Egg Donation

If you are considering egg donation to create a family, chances are you’ve experienced peaks and valleys to reach this decision. Our case managers recognize this emotional roller coaster and want to assure you the egg-donation journey should not be viewed as a last resort, but the first step in a magical process that is intended to lead to the miracle of a baby and creation of a family.

As a participant in our Egg Donor Program, you will be guided through the egg-donation cycle by a personal case manager who will be available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Selecting an Egg Donor

Our online database is easy to access, and allows prospective parents to browse donor profiles on their own time without any outside pressures. Each profile includes various photos of donors and background information. Click here to obtain your login at no cost to you. 

Fertility Miracles updates the available Egg Donor Database on a regular basis and all egg donors are pre-screened prior to being added to our database. No fees are due unless you select a particular egg donor and are 100-percent comfortable moving forward.

The Egg Donor Process Explained

No matter if you’re living in the U.S. or outside of the country, Fertility Miracles understands work and family commitments may not allow you to travel as easily as you would wish. That is why we have created a program with you in mind that takes into consideration your limited availability as well as the financial factor.

  1. Consultation with the physician and staff of the selected fertility clinic. This can be arranged over the phone. Please note the egg recipient (the intended mother) will need to be present in the U.S. for two to three weeks prior to the embryo transfer for the process of hormonal stimulation. For international participants, only one trip is required to the United States.
  2. The donor will undergo a physical exam as well as a psychological evaluation prior to the start of any medications.
  3. Consultation with an attorney to review the legal contract between yourself and the donor. Please be advised that this can also be done over the phone, by fax, or by email.
  4. Once the contracts are signed by all parties involved, a cycle calendar will be provided to the recipient as well as the donor, with important dates and prescription medications. The cycle calendar will synchronize the recipient with the donor. The IVF physician’s office will go over in detail the names of the medications and the instruction on their use. Both the recipient and the donor will be on hormonal medication for about 10 to 15 days. The egg retrieval from the donor will happen next. The calendar will provide an estimated date for the egg retrieval. The presence of the intended father will be required at this time for the specimen.
  5. Approximately three to five days after the egg retrieval from the donor, an embryo transfer will occur to the recipient. Often, she will be instructed to be on bed rest for 36 to 48 hours following the embryo transfer.
  6. From 12 to 14 days after the date of the embryo transfer, a blood pregnancy test will be ordered to determine whether the recipient is pregnant (this can be performed once you are back home). If positive, an ultrasound will confirm the heartbeat and full viability of the pregnancy.

Through understanding, communication, support, and confidentiality, the Fertility Miracles team looks forward to carefully managing the details of your special journey. 

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