Share the Miracle of a Family

Fertility Miracles recognizes that the decision to be a gestational or traditional surrogate is incredibly personal and noble—giving an enormous miracle to another person or family. By carrying someone else’s baby, a surrogate truly is helping to provide one of life’s biggest miracles and create a family where there was none. Like all aspects of the fertility journey, we work with each potential surrogate to ensure they are physically and mentally prepared for a pregnancy and the special and rewarding aspects of being a surrogate. It’s an incredible gift to give to a family who may have struggled to have a baby, and it comes with the weight of carrying somebody else’s child. At Fertility Miracles, we understand this and walk alongside the surrogate every step of the way.

Gestational and Traditional Surrogacy

We provide gestational and traditional surrogacy. Gestational Surrogacy, the most common type of surrogacy, is where an egg from an intended parent or donor is fertilized with the sperm of an intended parent or donor, and an embryo is then transferred into the uterus of the surrogate mother. Approximately 14 days after the transfer, the surrogate will undergo a pregnancy blood test. If the surrogate is found to be pregnant, she then carries and gives birth to a child. With traditional surrogacy, the same approach as gestational surrogacy applies. The only difference is that the traditional surrogate uses her own eggs, which are fertilized with the sperm of the intended parent or donor through Artificial Insemination by depositing the specimen into the surrogate’s uterus. After 14 days, a pregnancy blood test will be taken to determine if the surrogate mother is pregnant.

To learn more about becoming a gestational or traditional surrogate, please contact our Surrogate Recruiter to begin this amazing journey. We look forward to hearing from you.

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